Constitution Preamble in ScriptNever in all my life have I seen such a basic understanding of our Constitution so important yet so misunderstood by the public.

The fundamental principle repeatedly running throughout our Constitution is shared governance, not authoritarian governance, grounded in the Constitution’s “separation of powers” equally spreading authority among a President, Congress and Supreme Court.  The Founders were determined that never again would we be subject to the prejudices and whims of rule by one person, whether monarch or dictator, and crafted a constitution accordingly.

Yet today we have a President who appears to reject the Constitution’s “separation of powers” prime directive, whether by misunderstanding or design.  Worse, however, is the public’s very lively discussion regarding his actions, but measuring those actions against serious misunderstandings about what the Constitution does and does not say about, for example, presidential powers, immigration, freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

To that end from time to tine I am posting  “plain English” explanations of the Constitution’s provisions and the courts’ decisions as they come into play to better inform the public discussion.  Feel free to reply any time.

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Dan Cofran